9th September 2008

Howick Volunteer Coastguard 25th AGM – Presidents Report


Ladies and Gentlemen, Members and Guests,

I would like to welcome everyone, our members, guests, fellow coastguarders and supporters.

This year has been a slightly quieter year in terms of calls for assistance with;


Just like every volunteer organisation we rely heavily upon the generosity of our member’s their spouses, partners and families in allowing each member to spend precious family time in pursuit of our objective, Saving Lives at Sea. I thank you all for your individual contributions and the hours spent but I acknowledge this seems inadequate for the huge contribution and sacrifices you all make.

I would like to acknowledge the team that works tirelessly and often unseen on the day to day administration and management of the unit. Without these individual members that step-up to take on the running of the organisation in addition to the on the water activity we wouldn’t be the unit we are today so I would like to record my special thanks to the following:

As with any voluntary community organisation we rely heavily on the generosity of our supporter members and donations from like minded organisations. Without this support we would not be able to provide the service we do and I would like to specifically thank our loyal commercial supporters;


Every organisation needs timely, well managed changes to ensure a flow of fresh ideas and skills. I do not seek re-election this year, yet know the Organisation will be in good hands under the Presidency of Ian Gibson. I thank you all for your help, guidance and support over the years and will continue to offer what I can as Immediate Past President.

Finally, to all our members. Together we have created one of the most impressive Coastguard units in the country. Our unit is regularly held up as the ‘Yard-Stick’ of Coastguard Units, and that is not because of any one person or group of people, it is because of the input of you all and those whose laid the foundations and set the standards over the last 51 years ago. A finer group of volunteers you would not find anywhere and I am proud to have been your President for the last four years and proud of this Organisation. I ask that you be proud of your achievements also, as you have all earned that right.

I thank you all for your attendance and support.

Colin Small