President’s annual report to the Howick Volunteer Coastguard 21st AGM, dated 24th August 2004.


Ladies and Gentlemen, Members and Guests,

Welcome to the 21st AGM of the HVC. We have just completed our 48th year of operation along with the many challenges we were facing this time last year, so I will briefly highlight some of those events.

Firstly, a warm welcome to everyone, our members, guests, fellow coastguarders and supporters. Friends, I welcome you all.

Over the last year, our achievements have been quite considerable, an absolute tribute to our fantastic team of committed volunteers. Our annual statistics are always interesting, and I highlight a few as follows:

I would also like to extend my thanks to all our supporters, the Manukau City Council, the ASB Charitable Trust, the Lotteries Grants Board, the community at large, the Coastguard Federation, the Coastguard Northern Region, fellow Coastguard organisations, and all those individuals, groups and organisations who make our existence possible.

On a sadder note, Basil Irwin is resigning as our Executive Officer and Secretary. Over the years, you have contributed so much to the CG movement, the Howick Unit in particular, with achievements too numerous to mention individually. My special thanks and appreciation for your support and assistance over the years. I know this is endorsed by every member of our organisation, and I trust your future as a crew member will be both rewarding and enjoyable for you.

Every organisation needs timely, well managed changes to ensure a flow of fresh ideas and skills. I also do not seek re-election this year, yet know the Organisation will be in good hands under the Presidency of Colin Small. I thank you all for your help, guidance and support over the years and will continue to offer what I can as Immediate Past President.

Finally, to all our members. You have helped create one of the most impressive CG units in the country. It is constantly confirmed that we are regarded by many Units as the ‘Yard-Stick’ of CG Units, and that is not because of any one person or group of people, it is because of the input of you all. A finer group of volunteers you would not find anywhere. I am proud to have been your President, and proud of this Organisation. I ask that you be proud of your achievements also, as you have all earned that right.

Again I thank you all for your attendance and support.

Paul Newman.